All NEW Case Design!!!

About us

Two guys that bought too many crappy wallet cases with fake "PU" Leather that other companies pawn off/lie about as "Real Leather". They had little to no protection for the screen of our phone and we figured, "What's the point of having the case? For protection right?" (And obviously, it has to look awesome and be functional)

On top of that... they're all made overseas and had terrible customer service. 

We knew we could make a better product, with high-quality leather, the needed phone/screen protection AND make it here in the USA. (Portland, OR)

We also knew we could offer people the type of customer service that "we" would want someone to provide to us (if needed). Returning phone calls and emails in a short timely manner (often within minutes) is our top priority 7 days a week. (Just below making the BEST case you've owned) And to help us grow, expand our product line, and make a better case, we strongly encourage you to call or email us and let us know your new thoughts and innovative consumer ideas (email is best so we have it in writing but glad to take the call.)

If you have a question or concern you may contact us at:

or 503-908-4330